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- Vacuum regularly.

- Do not delay in removing stains and dirt.
- Wet clean if necessary, but do not get wet.

- proper and frequent vacuuming is a key element in caring for a carpet, both woolen and synthetic fibers.
- a characteristic feature of all textile floor coverings with cut and sheared pile pile made of natural fibers
there is a tendency for elementary fibers to come out from the usable surface. These are loose fibers that have not been fixed but remain
after the process of cutting, shearing the fleece surface and gluing the bottom. The phenomenon occurs at the beginning of use and worries buyers. Loss
the weight of the fleece does not cause changes in the structure of the product. During use, the pile surface becomes felt and the fibers come out.
nek is reduced until it completely disappears. To shorten the "dusty" period, it is recommended to vacuum frequently and carefully from the beginning of use.
NO. This is an effective method to speed up and end this inevitable process. This period depends on the intensity of use of the product.
- each cleaning agent used should first be tested in an inconspicuous place to check whether it does not damage the fibers, the bottom or the
causes discoloration.
- all stains and dirt should be removed as quickly as possible to prevent permanent discoloration.
- stain removers intended for this purpose should be used, taking into account the raw material of the product and the type of stain.
- the use of water-based stain removers requires thorough rinsing of the cleaned area with water.
- liquid stains should first be dried with a paper towel or absorbent cloth.
- never rub stains - it increases the dirt and distorts the fleece.
- we remove the stain from the "edge to its center".
- always before shampooing - the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed.
- do not allow it to get wet during cleaning.
- if you decide to wet clean, use the shampooing method, which allows you to avoid getting wet. Appropriately
available products on the market and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. It is best to use the services of a professional cleaning company, using -
using proven means.
- wet carpet should be dried only in a horizontal position, at room temperature.
- moving furniture helps avoid permanent creases.




When a stain or other heavy dirt appears, it should be removed as quickly as possible, using a small amount of cleaning agent (e.g. carpet shampoo) while following the manufacturer's recommendations on the label. Please remember to clean stains from the edges towards the center, avoiding soaking the carpet. You should not rub the stain strongly, as rubbing will enlarge the stain and may lead to deformation of the fleece. In the case of mud stains, wait until they dry and then vacuum up.




OILY STAINS should be sprinkled generously with talc or magnesia and left for 24 hours. and carefully sweep it with a broom or "suck it up" with a vacuum cleaner.
MUD STAINS, after drying thoroughly and cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, should be wiped with a cloth moistened with vinegar.
CHEWING GUM MAY DAMAGE THE CARPET if (left by a child) it is removed improperly and violently. A piece of ice (from the fridge) placed on the rubber will crumble it and then it will be easy to remove it without the fear of tearing out the hairs.
Stains on looped carpets can almost all be removed with water and ammonia.
HEAVY FURNITURE LEAVES deep creases on carpets and rugs. Therefore, we must remember to move the furniture a little from time to time to give the crushed areas a rest. You can sprinkle them with a little water and leave them for 24 hours and then brush them off. Place a folded and wet linen cloth on the creased area of a woolen carpet or rug, and then touch the infuser with a hot iron without resting the iron.

These are the basic tips for caring for any carpet. Below we present how to deal with carpets, where proper care does not end with the above tips or is slightly different from them.



1. Basic cleaning

It is no different from cleaning other carpets. They should be vacuumed regularly and carefully.

2. Stain removal

Acrylic carpets due to their advantages include: in terms of care and maintenance, they are extremely popular among children's carpets. First of all, acrylic does not lose its color, thanks to which acrylic children's rugs can be very colorful and decorated with various patterns, retaining their color for a long time even after frequent cleaning and stain removal. Removing even an unpleasant odor from an acrylic carpet (using cleaning agents or gray soap) is very simple and effective, which cannot be said about a wool carpet. Acrylic rugs for children are recommended for children for another important reason - they do not cause allergies, like natural hair.



1. Basic cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, shaggy carpets, also known as shaggy carpets, clean very well. People considering purchasing a shag carpet often worry that dirt, dust or crumbs will accumulate in the thick layer of carpet pile. Meanwhile, the fibers of this type of carpet do not intertwine, so vacuuming is not more difficult than in the case of other traditional carpets. Of course, any dirt must be cleaned immediately.

2. Stain removal

Removing various types of dirt from shaggy carpets is no different from basic cleaning of the carpet using cleaning agents.


1. Basic cleaning

It is recommended to vacuum against the grain, as these carpets are not elastic and therefore tend to flatten.

2. Stain removal

Polyester carpets are durable, hard-wearing and easy to care for, resistant to stains (except oil stains) and resistant to discoloration and fading due to sunlight. They do not absorb moisture, so if there is any dirt, it is recommended to wipe them with a damp cloth to prevent the carpet from getting wet.



1. Basic cleaning

Carpets made of sisal, i.e. the so-called String carpets are very easy to care for and clean perfectly. The high abrasion resistance of string carpets makes them durable carpets that serve the user for years in virtually unchanged form.

2. Stain removal

All stains and dirt from string carpets can be easily removed using many commercially available chemicals - string carpets do not require specialized cleaning.




1. Basic cleaning

Polypropylene carpets of all types, e.g. heat set carpets or frieze carpets, are very easy to maintain. They should be vacuumed regularly and thoroughly. Animal hair comes off easily.

2. Stain removal

They are easy to clean and, which is a big advantage, they dry quickly. Stains should be removed using cleaning agents or gray soap while observing the general principles of carpet maintenance listed above. Due to their properties, such as resistance to moisture, mold, moths and discoloration, they are very popular and are found in almost every home.

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