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How to order on our website?

1.Log in to our website


First, we need to approve your membership. If we already work with you, you can contact the seller. Once approved, you can log in without any problem. 

We would like to inform you by private request that we will not be able to approve your membership as we only work with legal entities or companies as we are a wholesaler in the Polish market.

2. After the approval process, start creating your order

The system displays unavailable items with transparent numbers and does not allow you to select an unavailable size







Then enter the amount you need. If you order more than stock, it will show error as below;




3. Write all your company information on the following pages (shipping address, billing address, etc.)


This is one time information, you can manage all address lists for the following shipments


4. Select delivery method

Do you want to receive your order in our warehouse or will you choose delivery by minibus or courier? Select an option.


5. Ordered. Easy and simple.

Once your order is complete, you will receive an automatic email from us with a summary, followed by billing and other details, which we will be in touch with.

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